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  • Increase Sales
  • Touchless Guest Service
  • Increase Guest Satisfaction
  • Cut-down all Printing Expenses
  • Dynamic Restaurant Menu
  • Digital Spa Menu
  • Food, Spa & activity Promotions
  • Social Media Engagement
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Hotel Revenue Your Way

Hotel App helps you to leverage your branding, Client engagement, Client satisfaction and hotel revenue on auto-pilot mode. Your hotel product is unique and your guests deserve your hospitality services !! Try HotelApp and see the BIG difference.

HotelAPP Key Features

No App installation

You and Your guest are NOT required to install any app. Your guest would love it just by scanning the QR code.

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Management Console

100% Web based. You will be provided a web console to manage your entire hotel. Access it from anywhere

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Realtime Reviews

Get realtime reviews from your guests about your exceptional service such as Service Quality, Food, Staff & various parameters.

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Easy to Use

HotelApp is built as one of the most user-friendly mobile apps in the world. Your guests will love to engage more.

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Check-in QR

Place check-in QR at your reception. Once your guest checked-in, they can access your hotel till they check-out

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Room QR

Single QR for all your hotel rooms. Your Guest can request service, order food & do everything from the Room QR

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Restaurant QR

Single QR Code for each restaurant which enables your resident & non-resident guest to access restaurant menu

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Spa QR

Single Spa QR helps your guests to access the Spa menu from their mobile in a single click.

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Power-up your Hotel sales with Hotel App.
Increase revenue in F&B, Spa & Activities

Our Features

Why Choose Us ?

No Setup Fee

No more BIG investment is required

Flexible Payments

Pay as you grow

24 / 7 Support

Email, Phone & WhatsApp Support

No App Installation

Just Scan the QR to access Hotel service

Power-up your Hotel sales with Hotel App.
Increase revenue in F&B, Spa & Activities


guest prefers promotions, catalogue & etc on their mobile


guest prefer to see restaurant menu on their mobile


guest likely to order more compared to paper menu


guest prefer to stay in a hotel which offers Guest Service App

Delighting your customer with GM's Welcome Message

First impression is the BEST impression. Yes. You can welcome your guest at the time of check-in by a great message from your General Manager or Even you can offer a Virtual Resort Video for your guest.

Power-up your Hotel sales with Hotel App.
Increase revenue in F&B, Spa & Activities

Restaurant Menu

Less Touch. More Tech.

Scanned Menu

Hotel App support simple scanned menu option

Customized Menu

Mesmerize your customer with Food image

Dynamic Pricing

Change menu item and price in a single click

Highlight Food

New Dish, Chef Recommended, Signature Dish

Power-up your Hotel sales with Hotel App.
Increase revenue in F&B, Spa & Activities

HotelApp Screenshots

Power-up your Hotel sales with Hotel App.
Increase revenue in F&B, Spa & Activities

Spa Menu

Entice your Clients with Digital Spa System

Spa Menu with images

Entice your guest with beautiful spa image & details

Spa Packages

Offer a unique spa packages to increase revenue

Spa Promotions

Create unlimited spa promotions and broadcast to your guests

Increase Spa Booking

Feature your spa menu in app home page to increase booking

Want to Take your Hotel to Next Level and Delight Your Customer ?
Your guests Deserve it !!!


Promotions. 10x Reach. Increase in Revenue

Maximum Reach

Promoting your offers to your guests is made simple and reaches all your clients.

Increase Sales

Mobile promotion is a proven channel for increase in sales always

Social Media Promotion

Let your happy clients promote your products & promotions in social media

Broadcast Message

Broadcast all your promotions to clients mobile to increase revenue.

Power-up your Hotel sales with Hotel App.
Increase revenue in F&B, Spa & Activities

Let your Customer access All Hotel Services from their Phone

Hotel App supports over 1,000+ service types which you can offer to your customer. Yes. The basic services are created automatically when you sign up and it saves a lot of your time. Following are few of the important services available to kick-start immediately.

Late Check out

Room Change

Wake Up Call

Stay Extension


Valet Parking

Taxi booking

Do Not Disturb

Extra Bed

Bed Linen Change

Extra Pillows /Blanket

Hair Dryer

Tray Collection

Baby Crib

Remote Control


Sanitary Bags

Sanitary Pads

Dental Kit

Shampoo set

Soap /Bath Gel

Toilet paper



Letterpad & Pen


Ironing Board/Iron

Shaving Kit

Sewing Kit

Laundry Bag

Shoe Shine

Cloth Hanger

Vanity Kit

Electronic Safe

Bath Robe

Shower Cap

Tea / Coffee Powder



Water Bottles

Power-up your Hotel sales with Hotel App.
Increase revenue in F&B, Spa & Activities

International travel awards launch Touchless hospitality recovery campaign.

The hospitality industry is one of the hardest-hit industries due to the pandemic and consumers focusing more on safety measures. It has become a precedent that hotels have to focus more on providing their guests with touchless and contactless services, check-ins and check-outs, which will help them attract more guests to their hotels, giving them a sense of safety. 

Guests have a higher preference for touchless services. To provide the industry with such a solution, the International Travel Awards launched a contactless Mobile App for Hotels called the HotelApp. 

90days Try Free Now

HotelApp allows the first 1000 Hotels globally to avail of this one-time opportunity of 90 days Try Free Now of the product. The Hotels can avail of this opportunity by scheduling a demo with HotelApp through this link: https://hotelappsoftware.com/schedule-demo


The HotelApp is priced at enabling hotels to use this one of its kind products at a low price. The HotelApp provides four different packages starting at as low as GBP 59. 

What is HotelApp?

HotelApp is a QR Code App for Hotels that enables guests to book various services in the hotel and access facilities provided by the Hotel during their stay. Everyone is looking for the best alternatives for a touchless interaction solution; HotelApp delivers the same to all the Hotels, which usually have a high physical contact rate.

The Touchless Dining feature enables users to place food orders at restaurants without using a physical menu. This feature provides options like dynamic pricing, customized menus, highlighting unique and signature dishes, and a scanned menu option. Another feature offered by this App for Hotel is the Digital Spa Menu.

 A hotel can avail of this great product under various subscription models starting from GBP 59 with no significant investment. Hotels can avail of the 3months Try Free Now option to understand the product better.

Why is the Guest Service app essential?

According to research, 94% of guests' that visit hotels prefer to be aware of the various facilities, amenities and promotions provided by the Hotel. With 55% of guests choosing to stay in a hotel that offers a Guest Service App, it becomes evident that hotels need to adopt this new way of dealing with their guests'. 

Benefits of HotelApp for Hotels

  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Guest satisfaction
  • Touchless Guest Service
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Real-time feedback
  • Cut-down on orienting expenses
  • Dynamic Restaurant Menu
  • Food, Spa and Evets promotions
  • Digital Spa menu
  • Customized menus with the option of highlighting unique and signature dishes 

What can the guests' avail themselves of through the App?

  • Request Services likeà Room, Housekeeping and Front desk
  • Raise Complaints
  • Chat with the Hotel staff through WhatsApp
  • Give real-time review
  • Food ordering
  • View all the facilities provided by the Hotel
  • Access Spa and request booking
  • Book slots online for various activities
  • Avail promotions offered by the Hotel

How can Hotel control the App?

The Hotel will be given access to an app called the StaffApp, which is used by the hotel staff to:

  • Handle Requests for services
  • Handle complaints
  • Manage guest orders
  • Track all the guests' requests
  • Give instant response to guests'

Setup Process

The HotelApp will be set up within 3-5 working days, and the process is simple and easy. It does not require any installation as the Hotel will be provided with software for the App, which is 100% customizable as per the customer's choice. The process includes three steps:

  1. Hotels are provided with a 3month trial period where they will be provided with software called the management console where they are required to set up their hotel app, which is 100% customizable.
  2. Once the App is ready, Hotels' will be provided with the QR codes according to the number of restaurants and Spas. Then the Hotel is required to put up these QR codes at the reception, rooms, restaurants and Spas. 
  3. After setting up the QR codes, they are given access to the StaffApp to provide their customers with their touchless services.

How do guests' use the App?

  1. Guests' check in using the QR code placed at the reception and logins with the unique code, which will be generated once they check in.
  2. Guests' can easily view and access hotel facilities that are of interest to them
  3. Guests can access the App 24*7 and view all the additional amenities provided by the Hotel through the App
  4. Guests' can raise requests for the Hotel's various services and check-out from the Hotel using the App.

HotelApp provides a means for end-to-end connectivity between the Hotel and its guests. The application would enable better customer support and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. It allows hoteliers to leverage clients' data and feedback to improve their facilities and services. 

HotelApp aims to offer hotels a chance to change their whole customer experience. The hoteliers can manage their hotels and launch any promotions and activities in a couple of clicks.

Hoteliers can customize the application based on their needs and requirements. The option for customization would enable hotels to choose features that play to their strengths. Do you want to offer a safe & Hi-tech experience to your guests? if yes, then contact the HotelApp team at https://hotelappsoftware.com

In the era of modernization, where technology has permeated every nook and corner, it has become vital to either adapt to it or live a life in darkness. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of digitalization now and in the post-pandemic world. Keeping all this in, the International travel award and KSA software, a leading software company, launched a touchless guest service mobile app called the Hotel App for the hospitality industry. A Guest management app helps keep track of all the requests raised by your guests and enables you to keep track of its fulfilment and how well you are performing them.

Let now have a deep dive into various benefits of a guest service app:

No Installation Required

The Hotel App needs no installation. This guest service app allows guests to access the hotel's facilities by just scanning the QR codes placed at various points in the hotel. The guests can raise a request for the required service on the Hotel App. Guests might also be reluctant to download any app as some guests are one time customers, and they may not want to download any additional apps. Hence, this app for guest service provides an app-like experience by simply using a QR code.

Increased Revenue

The mobile app for the hotels allows you to highlight your offers, services such as spa, restaurants, and discounts that your guests can easily peruse at their convenience. When guests are aware of all your services, there is a higher chance that they will avail themselves. This will help you to increase your hotel's revenues!

Touchless Service

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people have become hesitant to touch public physical items used across your hotel. Guests no longer want to make use of physical menus, reception registers, hotel landlines, etc. This app for the hotels allows guests to request all the hotel services on their own mobile phones. Hotel App would make guests feel welcomed and safe during their stay at your property.

Improved Guest Satisfaction

Your guests can request all the services and avail the offers using their mobile phones without any need to touch physical menus, brochures, etc. They would feel that they are being heard, taken care of, safe, and helps them feel good. Increased customer satisfaction is paramount for any business to better its reputation and name in the market. Satisfied guests would automatically recommend your property to their friends and family. As they say, word-of-mouth is the best form of endorsement- especially when it comes from close friends and family. 

Real-time Feedback

Getting reviews and customer feedback is one of the best ways to improve ones' services and satisfy their customers. Your customers can give you feedback during each point of their stay, and this would fetch you a chance to improve and satisfy them. If the services are improved based on their feedback, guests would be more satisfied, which would increase your hotel's reputation. Some guests might not give feedback at the end of their stay due to dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied guests from your hotel might harm the image of your property. So, real-time feedback is your one-way ticket to better customer satisfaction.

Cut-down Printing Costs

Whenever you have any new offers or add any new service or delete the existing ones, you have to print new brochures and lists of services. Hotel App provides the platform to save all these costs so that you can easily edit, add or delete any offer, service as per your needs.

Touchless Dining  

Touchless dining is another feature that can be found within the Hotel App. With this feature, the guests or the customers can place their orders through their phones without seeing the actual menu card and customize their food according to their preferences. This benefits not only the customers but also the restaurant. They can customize their menu or highlight the signature dish of the day and update their menus regularly.

In-room Food Ordering

The Hotel App provides features from which the guests can opt for in-room dining. The guests will have access to the food menu and place orders from the comfort of their rooms. They do not have to call the restaurant- rather, they need to select the food on the online menu and place the order. Presently, people are avoiding restaurants due to the pandemic. Therefore, this feature would enable more safety, and guests can feel safe while ordering food. There would also be an increase in food orders as the online menu would enable guests to order whenever required.

Restaurant Menu Building

Do you want to add special dishes to your restaurant menu without any additional cost? Do you want to enter cuisine for a specific time? If yes, Hotel App provides restaurants with an option to customize their menu. The restaurants can add, edit, delete or highlight any dish they want very easily. The guests can see the entire menu just by scanning a QR code on their tables. The guests in your hotel rooms can see the menu on the guest app and customize their orders as per their need.

Digital Spa

The digital spa allows the guest to book the various spa facilities and services without standing in queues for appointments. It also helps the hotel manage the schedule of their employees and plan according to their availability to provide the best services for customer satisfaction.

Spa Menu Building

Do you want to customize your spa menu? Do you want to do regular updates on that? Do you want to add offers, discounts, etc., to the spa menu without any additional cost? The Hotel App would help you customize your spa menu, add, edit and delete any highlight, offer or service anytime you want. Your guests or customers can see the spa menu on their mobile phones with just a click.

Social Promotions and Virtual Tour 

The Hotel App also provides an option to promote activities or display the offers to increase revenue and reach a larger audience. There is also a feature whereby the app can offer a virtual tour of the hotel or display a welcoming message from the general manager, making the guest feel more comfortable and welcomed.

What is included in the Hotel App?

HotelApp is not just a Mobile App for your guest, we offer a complete technology solution to provide a unique and world-class Guest service to your guests.

The Guest App

The Guest App, a feature of the Hotel App, allows the guests to request services or amenities through their mobile. They can also connect with the hotel management through WhatsApp for better communication. This will increase engagement between them and the management.  The Hotel App allows the guests to access the services and facilities within the hotel premises.

The Staff App

Another unique feature of the Hotel App is the Staff App which allows the hotel staff to handle their guests' requests and complaints and manage bookings or appointments of the spa and restaurant. It also will enable hoteliers to track the request and the guest' orders and leave no scope for guest dissatisfaction but rather focus on making them feel at home and welcomed. 

Management console

Within the Hotel App, there is also a management console. It is solely managed by the hotel, like managing the departments or services requests. You can even customize the Guest App and manage the facilities or services of the hotel. You can also customize the colours as per the brand/ themes to your hotel, add or delete services and facilities.

The Hotel App provides the option to add some important links to your Guest App to make it easy for guests to access your services and feel comfortable. You can add links such as:

Access Directory

What if the guest wants to connect with a particular department on call? Do they need to remember all the numbers or extensions or have to use the physical directory? The Hotel App offers the solution to this problem. The guests can easily access the directory on the guest app using their phonesThis feature of digital access to the directory would help them to reach out to the concerned department easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hotel App helps you to add the option of frequently asked questions. FAQ section would help you to resolve the common queries of your guests. The guests would find it easy to find common questions in the app and resolve their queries efficiently. This section allows hoteliers to add as many questions as they want.


How can your guests increase their stay period? How can they book another room if required? The Hotel App allows the hotels to add links through which the guests can expand their stay or book other room. The guests will no longer need to go to reception to ask for the vacancy and quickly check themselves on their own mobile phones.

Social Media Connects

How to make your social media presence more? The Hotel App allows you to add links to all your social media handles in the Guest App. Your guests can access your social media accounts with just a click on their mobile phones. It is one of the best ways to increase your social media presence as their followers will see your page, and they may come to your property when they would be looking for a good hotel.

GM's Welcome Message

Personalized messages are always appreciated. The Hotel App provides hotels with the option that allows general managers to customize the welcome message and give a warm welcome to the guests.

When guests open the app for the hotel and see the welcome message from the General Manager, they feel special and welcomed. Your guests would feel special, as the head of your hotel is greeting them. This would increase the reputation and strengthen your hotel's brand and make your guests amazed by the experience!

Broadcast Message

You may have noticed that not all your promotions reach your guests. The Hotel App comes with the option to broadcast a message to your current or former guests. You can fully customize the content of the message in the way to want. With just a click, your message will reach your target audience. This will help you to promote your offers and services to a larger audience. This will, in return, allow you to increase your sales and thus revenue!

Smart Technology

Being an innovative product, Hotel App helps a hotel automate many activities like Room service, which would require staff to handle calls. Such manual processes would get eliminated when using Hotel App, and service requests will directly reach respective departments.

Food, Spa & Event Promotions

There is a section named Promotions under Hotel App, which allows hotel managers to list promotional offers. Such offers help to increase sales and visibility of that particular service. This section will ensure that your guests know the offers, discounts and services at your property.

Service Request

The Hotel App has made it very easy for the guests to request any service they want. They can request room service,  housekeeping service, spa and wellness, etc., through their mobile phones. This app for guest service also helps the hoteliers keep track of all the requests department wise and complete them within their target times. The hotels can observe the pattern of the requests and increase the service and frequency for the most common and frequent demands.

Staff Alert for New Service Request

How would staff come to know about new service request? The Hotel App provides a Staff App to which your staff or the concerned authorities will have access. Whenever any guest requests for any service, a notification will come under the respective department. The notification is to alert the staff for new service requests not to miss any of them. The service request alert will help the staff members know about the request earliest and complete it. This will increase your guests' satisfaction and make their stay memorable.

Raise Complaints

Guest satisfaction is the topmost priority, especially in the hospitality industry. When your guests have concerns or complaints, they want an easy way to communicate them. The Hotel App allows the guest to state the complaint or problem with just a click on their mobile phones.

Handles Complaints Effectively

The Hotel App also made it very easy for the hotels to keep track of the incoming complaints. Whenever you get a new complaint, there will be a notification on the Staff App, and you can resolve them and satisfy your guest. This app for the Hospitality industry helps hotels to track the complaints department wise. The department-wise report would help hotels check which area is getting more complaints and can try to resolve them.

Offer Premium Services

Are you providing any premium service? If yes, how do you tell about them to your guests? The Hotel App would help you list all your premium services such as rental car, tour guide, etc., and your guests can easily see that on their own mobile phones. This will help your guests to find the services quickly and you to promote your premium services and increase your revenue.


In case of any help required, we offer WhatsApp and email support. You can contact the primary account manager or escalation manager.

The Primary Account Manager is responsible for handling all your queries on a TOP priority basis.

Escalation Manager: If you are not satisfied with the support offered by your primary account manager, you can contact your escalation manager and raise your concerns. 

We provide free assistance for the first-time setup. We are committed to take continuous feedback from our customers and keep improving the app. In case of any queries, you can write to hotelapp@ksasoftware.com

 Hotel App is a small package with many features, giving hoteliers the option to customize it the way they want while offering guests the best experience. This small investment is definitely worth it! Do you want to give your guests a great experience just by making a small investment? If yes, then contact the Hotel App team at https://hotelappsoftware.com/

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